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Texans Fans are Pretty Sure They are Landing Nnamdi Asomugha

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Apparently hope and positive thinking is not restricted to us here at Silver and Black Pride. Last week we had a poll designed to gauge our thoughts of Nnamdi returning to the Raiders. As I type, the poll has 58 percent of us thinking Nnamdi will return.

Well, the Houston Texans' Battle Red Blog has a poll asking its readers where they think Nnamdi will play in 2011. 52 percent (from the moment I typed this) have him going to the Texans. That makes the Texans the runaway leaders. The Eagles are second with 14 percent. The Raiders are gaining just 3 percent of the votes.

I really hope their majority is wrong. I don't want Nnamdi to play on the Texans. The Raiders play the Texans in 2011, and they somehow end up playing them every year. It is like the Texans are a de facto AFC West team.

I can't imagine what the Raiders offense would look like if Nnam was shutting down DHB all game. I don't think the offense could function.