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NFL Lockout: There is a New Expected End Date for the Lockout

I have no idea what happened in the world of the NFL lockout the last 24 hours, but whatever happened must have been good because the mythical July 21st due date for a new CBA has been pushed up four days. According the the good folks at Pro Football Talk the new due date is the 17th. While it hasn't been made official these exact target dates for the arrival of a new CBA leads me to believe that it will be coming to us via a C-section rather than a natural birth. 


We’re hearing that an agreement in principle, subject to league and court approval, currently is expected to be announced on July 17.

It gets kind of silly to keep reporting these mythical and subjective target dates, but what the hell? What else are we going to talk about. It seems like setting a target or expected date like this is just setting everyone up for disappointment and failure. Let's just hope this report is based in reality and not in the strategy of stringing our interest along.