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NFL Lockout: A Deal is Close, a Deal is Not Close

Welcome to you daily dose of NFL lockout news that essentially means nothing. Case in point, today. We had Drew Brees report that a deal close. We had a report that a deal wasn't the close. We had a report the negotiators would be staying late and finally we have reports that the the negotiations have ended...for the day, but they may start again.

So there you have it. I think we got all our bases covered on the reality of the negotiation status—take your pick.

As for the meetings today, there seems to be some consensus that they didn't go all that great, and that piece of news has me leaning towards the negative side of the plethora options presented earlier. This comes to us via Pro Football Talk:

Albert Breer of reports that most the NFLPA* contingent began to leave the sessions sometime after 8 p.m. ET.  Many of the owners continue to meet with each other and it’s possible the two sides could reconvene.

The long session was described as "difficult" with "little progress" in the core issues. Smaller issues continue to be worked out, but Wednesday was "frustrating."