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NFL Lockout: Resolution Day Predictions

Well, well, well, here we are again. Another week and another resolution day prediction poll. It was an eventful week in NFL negotiations, however, most of the eventfulness came from people announcing target dates for the end of the lockout. And that boys and girls seems kind of silly.

The worst thing is that these announcements of expected date are probably nothing more than negotiation tools. And they are negotiating tools that are centered around toying with our emotions and expectations! Pigs!

What can we do. I am still hopeful that a deal is not that far off, but last week I voted that a deal would be here July 11-17. And the majority of us did. 41 percent of us felt this was the week. And that was the majority by a wide margin. The next was July 18-24 at 16 percent.

That is probably what I am going to vote for this week, but I am close to going with July 25th-31st.