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Pirate Booty: An Opposition's Breakdown of the Raiders and DHB Excels in Sucking

I don't have much time for Booty this morning fellas. And that is always a painful fact. I am taking solace in the fact that the Booty is looking unattractively flabby yet somehow non bountiful. What do we expect? Wednesday is one of the (if not the) slowest sports day of the year. So check out a couple of links after the jump....

This article was a fairly generic look on the Raiders as they currently stand. I did especially like the following section though:

Raiders outlook: Oakland won't be pushed around any longer - NFL - Sporting News
(An anonymous opponent breaks down the Raiders)

"The Raiders made great strides last season, and Hue Jackson’s influence in that resurgence can’t be overstated. They still do the same things defensively. It’s offensively where you see the difference. Jackson found a way to use McFadden where he could get the best possible results. In turn, he took the pressure off his offensive line and Jason Campbell. The Raiders are a wide receiver or two away from having a potent offense. The ones they have are complementary players, at best.

"It will be interesting to see how Jackson handles being the coach. He should do fine because he respects Al Davis and knows what Davis wants offensively and defensively. One thing’s for sure: The Raiders aren’t a pushover any longer. I’m not so sure that they’re talented enough to contend for a Super Bowl title, but they are headed in the right direction for the first time in a long time. It still seems as if the Raiders are at least another year away from being a serious contender, but now is the time to challenge for the division because none of those teams is without flaws.


Raiders' Darrius Heyward-Bey Among NFL's Elite - Silver And Black Pride
Whatever, I'm not going to argue over the ranking. He needs to get better. I like DHB. I'll really like him if he gets better, and if he doesn't I won't like him so much if he continues to play.

I don't think many will argue the fact his PT needs to diminish if his play stays the same:

Darrius Heyward-Bey Ranked 15th Worst Player in NFL " Just Blog Baby | An Oakland Raiders Blog
While he’s made strides, DHB is still being given the scholarship treatment. Louis Murphy lapped DHB as a rookie then Jacoby Ford did the same in his first year as a Raider.