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Randy Moss to the Raiders is a Bigger Possibility Than I'd Like to Admit

Why haven't there been any connections of Randy Moss to the Raiders. Plaxico Burress is connected to the Raiders by conjecture and hearsay almost daily. Why hasn't Randy Moss received the same treatment?

Before we go any further, I want to say one thing: I hate Randy Moss. I want absolutely zero part of him coming back to the Raiders. The thought of it makes me want to vomit. Honestly, he very possibly could be my least favorite athlete of all-time. It is his lack of effort on the football field that I find deplorable and inexcusable. I couldn't stand him when he quit on the Vikings; I was upset when the Raiders traded for him, and I am not even going to attempt to put into words how I felt about him when he dogged it and disgraced the Raiders uniform.

But all that said, what I want and think has little to do with reality, and the reality is that Al Davis never seemed to hate Randy Moss. He placed the his failures on the coaches, and he was pissed off that he let Lane Kiffin talk him into trading him. And now Randy Moss is readily available. Yet there has not been one mention of him coming back to the Raiders.

So today when I saw his agent, Joel Segel, tell that Randy Moss is in "freakish shape" and:

He is determined, motivated and quite frankly has a huge chip on his shoulder. Whatever team ends up getting Randy, they're going to know they're getting the old Randy Moss. He's not just coming in to be on the team, he's going to be Randy Moss—a difference maker.

the first thing I think of is Al Davis. I can just picture Al Davis seeing these reports and seeing redemption. This would be a chance for him to gain some redemption on two of the more ill-fated decisions of his career—trading for and away Randy Moss. 

Al Davis passed on putting a claim in for Moss when he was waived by the Vikings, but bringing him in during the offseason and on a far cheaper contract is a far different scenario. Especially if the reports of his conditioning by his agent are even vaguely true.

I have been of the mind that the Raiders aren't going to bring in any more receivers this offseason. But if they do bring one in, Randy Moss is the favorite.