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NFL Lockout: Rookie Wage Scale No Longer an Obstacle

Holy NFL lockout progress Batman—they've agreed on something! Hey everybody! The two sides agreed on something. So, says Adam Schefter and a gaggle of others in the wake of his joyous explosion of news. Don't believe me? Fine. Feast your eyes on this little excerpt from ESPN:

NFL players and owners have agreed in principle to a new rookie wage system, sources on both sides told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

There remains a handful of other issues that need to be worked out and talks are continuing, but the sources told Schefter the rookie wage system is no longer considered an impediment to a new collective bargaining agreement.

According to who you believe the rookie wage scale was the biggest remaining obstacle in the negotiations. But once we get past the seeming fact that the rookie wage scale was agreed upon we sail into the muddied waters of conflicted speculation. A deal may be days away or it may not be close. 

Of the issues remaining, ESPN reports that the owners are still pushing for the right of first refusal for three players per team in this year's class, workmen's compensation, and the owner's desire to have the union reform. 

As I've said before the owners should just drop the right of first refusal. If a player wants leave, let them. An unhappy player isn't good for either party.  And more importantly, I don't see anyway in which this will benefit the Raiders this year. Where are the whispers of the players demanding that dead money doesn't count against this year's cap? Now that is something worth negotiating over!

As for the rooks:

High-level sources told Clayton all first rounders would get four-year deals, plus the option year, under current proposals. That option could be executed by the team after the third or fourth year of the contract.