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NFL Lockout: The Lockout is Almost Over, and They Really Mean it This Time

For the first time in this whole crazy lockout mess there are reports that a deal is imminent, and they are not being disputed!

This comes to us via ESPN:

In the time since the rookie wage system was overcome, the progress has been significant with almost unforeseen momentum, surprising even the participants, another source said.

How much momentum you ask—well about this much according to Chris Mortenson's Tweet:

how much longer til at least a agreement in principle. >> At this pace, could be within 24-48 hrs.

Mortenson went onto tell us that this breakneck speed is impressing even the people creating it:

Even skeptical participants among negotiating teams are almost stunned at momentum resolving remaining issues.

The closest thing to be found as a refute on the happy reports of advancing accord were found by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk:

The closest thing to the latest cup of cold water came from Ravens cornerback and NFLPA* Executive Committee member Domonique Foxworth, who had this to say to Albert Breer of NFL Network as Foxworth was leaving the site of the negotiations: "All the reports that are floating around, there really is no deal until our players approve it."

I am trying not to, but I am getting excited.