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Raiders Video Highlight Fix: The Snake Edition

I've got a fever! And the only prescription is more Stabler! Last week I posted a video highlight of Rich Gannon. Then I spent the week reviewing the Raider team of Super Bowl championship past. And that left me hungry for more QB highlights this week. I wanted more from the incomparable, incomparable and always interesting Ken Stabler.

And for a player of this magnitude, one highlight was going to cut it. So, I grabbed two. Stabler was an amazing mix of loose coolness, heady preparedness, and dogged competitor that it is hard for me to imagine a more perfect fit for the Raiders at QB.

It is an absolute crime that this guy is not in the HOF. His career can't be measured in stats, but even if they are, he stacks up pretty well. Especially considering the era he played in. Anyway, enjoy....

Ken Stabler Tribute - Oakland Raider legend (via RockbertoRocks)

Kenny Stabler Hi-Lights (via brampete)