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Pirate Booty: Don't Worry About the Raiders Salary Cap, Are the Steelers the New Raiders? And More

Goodbye blue Monday. At least it will be if the lockout ends.

Anyway, I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend. It was a decent sports weekend for it being the dog days of summer, and considering American's were choking all over the globe. We had the women's soccer team gagging in Germany, and Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson choking on the links.

My hats off to Japan and Darren Clarke. They were the superior competitors, and deserving champions on Sunday, but the lack of poise in the clutch by the Americans in a position to score big victories was alarming. 

Jump over for the booty....

Jerry McDonald thinks all my, and anyone else, worrying about the cap is nonsense. So add him to the list of people talking me off the ledge on this one.

Get ready for cap crisis nonsense - Inside the Oakland Raiders
If the Raiders aren’t active players in free agency, it won’t be because of the salary cap. It will be because after shelling out huge money to the likes of Gibril Wilson, Javon Walker and DeAngelo Hall (by trade), they chose to go in another direction and develop younger players. It won’t stop the flood of "Raiders in trouble against the cap" stories, despite historical evidence to the contrary.

Once again the Raiders are among the least valuable teams in the NFL. This is no surprise. Even if the Raiders were coming off of a string of sellouts, and a Super Bowl victory, they'd be near the bottom of this list. That won't change until they get a new stadium.

Raiders Ranked Next To Last Among NFL’s Most Valuable Franchises | Football News Now
According to Forbes Magazine, the Raiders are worth an estimated $758 million (No. 43 world-wide) which ranks them just ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars who are valued at $725 million.

This article misses one big thing in comparing these two

Starkey: Steelers outlaws of the NFL - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
While the Steelers might not take on other people's lightning rods, they do an excellent job of manufacturing their own — James Harrison being the latest example with his incendiary comments in the August issue of Men's Journal. Truth is, this franchise has become the modern-day version of the 1970s Oakland Raiders. Outlaws of the NFL. Some might view that as an insult (especially if they grew up in these parts hating those Raiders), others as a compliment.

The 70's Raiders were a far more likeable group. I think a lot of that can probably be attributed to how out of touch today's athletes can become with the rights of entitlement bestowed upon them, but this Steelers squad lacks the charm of those Raiders.