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NFL Lockout: All Signs Point Towards Lockout Ending on Friday

Things are going so well in the NFL lockout negotiations that sides are leaking resolution dates and no one feels the need to refute them. Right now those target dates point towards Friday. And we are not just talking about a handshake deal either. This is a new CBA signed sealed and delivered.

Confidence is so high that the Packers have told players to be ready to work on Saturday.

Pro Football Talk:

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Packers are telling players that the doors will open on Friday, and that the team wants the players in town in order to get started on preparations for training camp and the preseason.

This news was instantly confirmed with confidence by Packers beat reporter, Jason Wilde:

100 percent true. Just confirmed with two club sources. RT : Packers telling players to show up Sat.

It also looks as if teams may be targeting the start of the contract season on July 25th. Pro Football Talk:

Howard Balzer of and the Sports Xchange now reports that a slightly delayed schedule could be implemented. As Balzer hears it, the three-day exclusive (eye roll) window would open on Monday, July 25. Free agency would commence on Thursday, July 28.