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Skip Bayless Thinks Nnamdi Asomugha Will Sign with the Oakland Raiders

Skip Bayless is not the first place I turn for insight on the Oakland Raiders or Nnamdi Asomugha. In fact, he is not the first place I turn to for anything. Bayless has made a career out of objectionable sound-bytes. So please don't take this as a sign that Nnamdi Asomugha. It's just in a media world where Nnamdi Asomugha leaving the Oakland Raiders is almost universally seen as a foregone conclusion, hearing someone say he will stay with the Raiders is refreshing.

And that is exactly what Bayless said on ESPN"s First Take this morning. Normally I don't watch that show—because it is awful—but I had it on when Bayless loudly opined on Nnamdi. And here is what he had to say—according to my faulty memory:

In his heart of hearts he loves him some Oakland Raiders. Al Davis has been very good to him. Some say too good. We know money isn't everything.

This is a guy that wouldn't even buy himself a belt. Someone else had to go out and buy a belt for him, just so he would have a belt. He loves California.  ...gut feeling: he stays in Oakland.

So Bayless thinks our dreams will come true and Nnamdi will be back in Silver and Black. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad sign. It is worth mentioning that Bayless knows Nnamdi, and he interviewed Asomugha earlier in the offseason. I don't think he has any inside info, but at least his gut feeling comes with a little intimate knowledge of Nnamdi as a person.