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How Much is Robert Gallery Worth?

Of all the Raiders free agents the one that no one seems to think is coming back is Robert Gallery. And for good reason—Gallery said he wasn't coming back. It seems Gallery got his panties in a bunch when the Raiders fired Tom Cable, and then when the Raiders didn't offer him $8 million a year.

Gallery said the decision for him to not return was mutual. I don't think the Raiders were particularly fond of Gallery's attitude. John Herrera had this to say:

"The only thing that was mutually agreed upon is his numbers were way out of line with ours. Gallery wanted about $8 million a year and that was way too much money. We’re being real honest about it. We were in the $2.5 million range. There was a huge gap there, a huge difference in what they asked for and what we wanted to pay."

The Raiders are not in the business of revealing anything they don't have to. The fact that they came out made these numbers public tells us a lot about what they thought of Gallery. Jump over for more Robert Gallery fantasy time....

If Gallery thinks he is going to get anywhere near $8 million a year he is having delusions of grandeur. That number would likely find him in the top three for guards in 2011. Gallery is about to turn 31. He has an extensive injury history, and a back surgery in his past.

But even if he was perfectly healthy and 26 he wouldn't be worth those numbers. Gallery is a good run blocker, but he is suspect in run blocking. Also with the likely inclusion of fifth and sixth year players in free agency, Gallery fell down the list of available guards.

My guess is Gallery's contract is going to be much closer to much, much closer to the Raiders number than his. No matter what he ends up making, I don't see him returning. Gallery is on the spite list—that money will go someplace else.

My question is: How much will Gallery get per year? I am going to guess 3.5 million for three years with a team option on the third.