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Oakland Raiders Video: Coming Out of the Tunnel

It may be dangerous to post this video before the lockout is over. It gets me a little too jacked. The beginning shots of the fans making their way into the stadium reminds me why NFL action kicks ass, and why the NFL lockout negotiations have recklessly forgotten exactly who makes this game great: the fans!

The highlights roll on from there and remind me that the Silver and Black black help make the NFL great, too. The NFL is better entity when the Raiders are good. I say that as a fan, but it is true for the whole league. The Raiders are one of the most polarizing in sports. Over the past few years though the Raiders have been too big a joke to be polarizing.

These highlights serve as a reminders, to a fan base that doesn't need any, how close this team is to being feared and hated again, instead of treated with apathy and talked about in jokes. Enjoy....

Oakland Raiders 2010-11 Season (via colonia1492)