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Oakland Raiders Undrafted Free Agent Open Thread

This is one crazy NFL offseason. The draft was approximately 2.5 years ago, and yet the Oakland Raiders have not signed one undrafted free agent. That's not because the Raiders are slacking or interested, it's because of the stupid lockout. No undrafted players have been signed.

Chances are teams and undrafted players have a pretty good idea where they are going once they are allowed to sign. As everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to any kind of communication along these lines. However, the fans have no ideas whose these players are going to be.

The biggest name out there is Mark Herzlich. He is a player many of us had the Radiers selecting in the mid-rounds of the draft, and this is a guy that was once thought of a first rounder. However, he has yet to show that he could be the same player as he battled back from cancer.

The list is almost endless, and the Raiders have had decent success with UDFAs the past few years. So, who do you guys want to see the Raiders sign? And what positions?