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Pirate Booty: Worst All-Time Raiders List Ever, Bo Knows Commercials, and More

Ah, today is a good day. It is that magical time of the week otherwise known as Humpday. Okay, maybe that really isn't as cool as it sounds, but there is no reason this can't still be a fine day. Not a lot of Raider news today. As you can expect, since all eyes in the NFL world are fixed on the NFL lockout.

We still have some tasty little Booty nuggets for you after the jump (that really came out wrong).....

This following list is lacking...

Top five commercials featuring NFL stars - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Bo Jackson Two-sport wonder Bo Jackson played running back for the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders for four years in the late 1980s until he got hurt. He made use of his fame by filming a hilarious commercial for Nike . In it, Jackson meets several of his "multiple personalities" including a soccer player, horse racer, Indy car driver and a surfer. The looks Jackson gives himself throughout the commercial are priceless.

but since Bo Jackson was his No. 1, I am giving this a pass on all criticisms.

HBO is going to find someone to do Hard Knocks. The more teams that turn them down, the more likely it is that they would agree to any stipulations the Raiders would have in order to agree to this.

HBO Hopeful For ‘Hard Knocks,’ Raiders Still In Running? | Football News Now
We are monitoring developments and remain hopeful of presenting a new season of ‘Hard Knocks,’" HBO spokesman Ray Stallone told Sporting News (via Media Bistro). "Beyond that we are not going to speculate." A number of teams have already declined the opportunity to be featured on the show including the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings. The New York Jets have also turned down an encore appearance. One has to wonder if the Oakland Raiders would be interested in the series. Secretive by nature, the series would shed a very rare light on the franchise.

Here is a cool look at something I never really think about:

Carl Steward 'In Our Backyard': Oakland Raiders' public address announcer Gary Williams helps advance profession with clinic - San Jose Mercury News
Even the best in the P.A. booth are prone to gaffes. Gary Williams, the fine veteran voice who does the stadium announcing for the Raiders, recalled a job he had doing a bowl game at AT&T Park in which his press box position was situated at a very poor viewing angle. "I can't see a thing!" said Williams as he peered out the window, not realizing the press box mic was on and his complaint was being heard by thousands of fans in the stands.

This is the worst list of all-time Raiders ever. It isn't even worthy of the almost qualifier. For an example I included the honorable mention for CB. The starters were Lester Hayes and Terry McDaniel. I could go on about why this is a joke, but I think it speaks for itself.

The ALMOST All-Time Oakland Raiders Defense " Gear Up For Redskins Football - Gear Up For Sports Weblog
Fred Williamson, Kent McGloughan, Lionel Washington, Nemiah Wilson, Skip Thomas, Eric Allen, Phillip Buchanon, and David Grayson deserve mention.

As always, the best Raiders coverage was right here:

A Look at How the Oakland Raiders Can Avoid Salary Cap Issues - Silver And Black Pride
That is $30 million in savings right there, and there other moves to be made. I am feeling better by the second. And I am getting stoked for the season.

Oakland Raiders' Owner/General Manager Al Davis Must Exercise Patience in the Ensuing Maelstrom to Follow the 2011 CBA - Silver And Black Pride
So, will patience be the uncommon virtue to win in this mad free agency period that will ensue, possibly within a week or two? I once worked produce in a grocery store, and enjoyed the old-timers who were always quick with jokes: "you never buy your bananas too green when you get my age..."

How Much is Robert Gallery Worth? - Silver And Black Pride
My guess is Gallery's contract is going to be much closer to much, much closer to the Raiders number than his. No matter what he ends up making, I don't see him returning. Gallery is on the spite list—that money will go someplace else. My question is: How much will Gallery get per year? I am going to guess 3.5 million for three years with a team option on the third.

Around the AFC West

Salary-cap breakdown - AFC West Blog - ESPN

Denver Salary-cap range: $770,000 under.

Summary: The Broncos have work to do in free agency, so they will have to rework some contracts of some older players including safety Brian Dawkins. Trading quarterback Kyle Orton would also help.

Kansas City Salary-cap range:$34.3 million under.

Summary: The Chiefs are in fine shape as usual. They can do some spending and there are some areas which they need to focus on. So, this team can get better.

Oakland Salary-cap range:$11.7 million over.

Summary: The Raiders will likely have to cut some veterans including guard Cooper Carlisle and restructure the deals of some players.

San Diego Salary-cap range: $19.4 under.

Summary: The Chargers have a lot of free agents to re-sign and they have the means to do it. As usual, free agency in San Diego will start with keeping their targeted in-house players first.

Around the Lockout

NFL Lockout: CBA Draft May Be Presented to Players on Wednesday - Silver And Black Pride