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NFL Lockout: Resolution Day Predictions

Well, well, well here we are again. Weren't we supposed to beyond this by now? Despite being in day one million of the lockout, things could be much much worse. By all reports things are very very close. How close? So close that I am really really forced to double down on my adjectives.

There was widespread hope that a deal would be in place this Friday. That would make the 39 percent of us that voted for the lockout to end between July 18th-24th correct. They very well might still get that deal agreed on by Friday, but there was a slight delay today when the players were unable to vote on a draft of the agreement.

I think people are still hopeful that Friday can be the day, but these reports are beginning to remind me of when I look at a task, like say moving, and tell myself I can do that in two days, and then it ends up taking 17 days. Anyway, vote away.