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NFL Lockout: Still Expecting a Deal by the End of the Week

Well it was another upside down and all around kind of day in the world of the NFL lockout that results in everyone wondering where the hell we are in the process. In other words it was business as usual. Players were supposed to vote on a draft of a deal today. That didn't happen, but they may have given DeMaurice Smith the power to approve a deal with just a couple of tweaks.

There is also the potential problem, that according to CBS' Mike Freeman, that Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins want $10 million a piece to settle their role in the antitrust suit. I can't believer that these guys would be that selfish and short sighted that they would allow this to hold up a deal, and neither does Freeman.

If you are worried that the reported progress that led to many reporting the lockout would be done this week, let me present this tweet by the same Mike Freeman. realfreemancbs:

This is the deal: vote on CBA--no. Vote to settle lawsuit--sorta yes. CBA by end of week--hell yes. So calm your asses down, people.