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Raiders and 49ers Discussing a Joint Stadium

The Raiders need a new stadium. The 49ers need a new stadium. Neither team can afford to build one without help. Their respective cities and their home state isn't in the strongest financial position. It seems to me like the two teams would be best served to work together to get this done. And to that end, they have begun discussing the possibility of sharing.

Vittorio Tafur reports that the two have been discussing this very issue. Rather they are doing that earnestly is another matter. David Fucillo has set up a stream to keep this process updated and for fans to discuss this process. Check it out. Here is a highlight of his initial post:

49ers, Raiders Discussing Joint New Stadium - SB Nation Bay Area

The current economy precludes much in the way of public money from California and naming rights deals have generally gone down in value since the Internet bubble burst. The best way to finance a new stadium is to follow the model of the New York Giants and New York Jets and share the continually increasing costs of a facility. The NFL is working to rebuild the G3 fund, which is used to provide low interest loans to teams. Roger Goodell has previously stated the 49ers and Raiders should look into a shared stadium and a shared stadium could mean more G3 funding than a single team stadium.

The league clearly wants them to build a joint stadium. Jump over for more....

Here is Roger Goodell the last time he was in Oakland:

"Getting a stadium built is a challenge, particularly in this environment. I encourage them to take a look at that and evaluate it."

The league will be able to provide some money for new stadiums under the new CBA. How much is anyone's guess. Obviously that amount will be doubled if it is for two teams.

Now as far as the two teams getting this done, it appears they may both be too stubborn. They both want the stadiums where they want them. Jerry McDonald has a great article outlining the Raiders' thoughts on this. The article is highlighted by some great Amy Trask quotes like this one:

"So, it’s a central location on a freeway, well-served by public transportation. So, about a year and a half ago, we started proposing and extolling the virtues of proposing the possibility of doing a stadium project on this site. Not as a stand-alone facility but as a catalyst for an urban renovation in the manner in which to bring economic stimulus for the whole region. We have been working very cooperatively with the city and the Joint Powers Authority. You guys understand this region. Right now, fans come to this facility and there’s nowhere for them to spend their money in the area. There’s one or two spots on Hegenbereger, but how about doing something here like was done on the waterfront . . .

When it comes down to it, if the only way these two are going to get a deal done is to work together, then they may just have to come up to a compromise. And to this end, the two teams don't seem totally opposed to the idea. Here is Trask from the Tafur article:

"An open mind means an open mind as to sharing a facility with the 49ers. I say to Jed regularly that we should have not only an open mind to the sharing of the facility, but to the location of the facility which we might share. And so there are a lot of options for us to consider."

I am all for the two sharing a stadium. Sure, I'd rather have them have their own stadium on the same site as the old one, but I don't see that happening. And I'd much rather have them play in Santa Clara or another area close to Oakland than completely jump ship back to L.A.. As far as any problems sharing a stadium, Trask sums that up best:
"Here's a news flash. They're not going to be there on the same day. And if they are playing each other, they're going to be there on the same day irrespective of whose stadium we're playing in."