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Pirate Booty: Raiders, 49ers Joint Stadium? Bruce Campbell Has No Idea If He's in Good Shape, and More

Oh man. Are you guys on as big a high as I am? Last night's sports action was awesome. My new second favorite team in sports prevailed in a penalty kick shootout. That's right. Paraguay is in the Copa America finals. Now on the off chance you aren't following the Copa America, you are a huge Paraguay fan, too. You just don't know it yet.

The reason? This super fan has promised to pose on the pitch—sans clothing—should Paraguay win Copa America. All that stands between them and the championship is Uruguay.  Enough of this non tackling football talk. Jump over for the Booty.....

One way or another, I just want a new stadium.

Raiders and 49ers Discussing a Joint Stadium-Silver and Black Pride

The Raiders need a new stadium. The 49ers need a new stadium. Neither team can afford to build one without help. Their respective cities and their home state isn't in the strongest financial position. It seems to me like the two teams would be best served to work together to get this done. And to that end, they have begun discussing the possibility of sharing.

Bruce Campbell's ambiguity in the following statement makes me nervous:

Bruce Campbell Anxious For Raiders To Open Camp, Ready For Job Competition | Football News Now
"I actually feel good. I’m anxious to get back on the field just to see if I’ve prepared myself right," Campbell told Richardson and I. "Everything has been so long to get to a new CBA or whatever . . . I don’t know with my training, if I equipped myself enough to prepare for such a long lockout, but I’m anxious to see."

If Campbell can come close to tapping into the potential his athleticism suggest than the future of the Raiders offensive line looks just fine.

Jason Campbell checking in:

Campbell Believes Raiders Will Open Training Camp By Aug 1 | Football News Now
The seventh-year quarterback is looking forward to the experience and is glad the team did not alter its location like others around the league. "Napa has best weather for camp and plus it’s relaxing,"

Relaxing? Relaxing! Man, training camps really have gotten soft.

The Raiders may be over the cap, but at least they are halfway through their re-signing process:

Al Davis Cool in the Lockout Clutch " Just Blog Baby | An Oakland Raiders Blog
Say what you will of the contracts handed out to Richard Seymour, Stanford Routt and Kamerion Wimbley. You can call those moves anything you want. Just make sure you call all of those aforementioned men Raiders. Thanks to the urgency in Oakland the Raiders have preserved many key pieces for their continued rebirth.


Raiders Roster Ramblings

You know that place in the brain called contemplation where thoughts pass before they leave the mouth? Cromartie doesn't have that place:

New York Jets free agent Antonio Cromartie not giving discounts - ESPN New York
Cromartie said he has researched potential suitors, mentioning the Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders as teams that will be looking for a No. 1 cornerback.

No Nnam for the Bucs?

NFL Rumors - NFL Trade Rumors, Free Agency Rumors and More - Rumor Central - ESPN
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been included on most speculative lists of possible destinations for free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, and Charlie Campbell of Pewter Report believes that there is some chance of this signing taking place.

However, during an appearance on WHBO-AM this week, Bucs linebacker Geno Hayes effectively told everyone expecting this outcome to pump the brakes a bit. "My opinion, the Bucs should do what they need to do. The Bucs are well-known for wanting what they want. You don't need a guy like [Asomugha]," Hayes concluded, per Joe Bucs Fan. "The Bucs are about building in-house. [General manager] Mark Dominik and Rah [head coach Raheem Morris], those guys are about building guys up. Right now we have a couple of young guys that I have very good confidence in."