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NFL Owners Ratify Proposal to End Lockout! Free Agency Tentative for Mid Week next Week!

I won't bother with links, because I'm sure it will be everywhere soon! Can't wait! With that, I'd like to announce my plan to do a weekly column once games begin, to Chart personnel packages, formations, and results weekly on all sides of the ball. This is indeed great news, folks. It's been a long time coming, and while it looked in question at multiple stages of the game, football is finally here, and it appears training camp, well at least our training camp (gotta remember what's really important here!) will begin on time.

In actuality, it's a proposal to end it pending player approval. There's a faction of players still skeptical they're being pushed into the timeline, and will be wary accordingly, but this is still very good news.

Hue, can we get the team in the building already? When the Goodell videos finally post from NFL network, look at Jerry Richardson's face in the background! Priceless! That dude can chew his face with the best of them!