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The NFL Needs A New Logo: I Propose A Jim Otto Silouette

I have had the opportunity to meet Jim Otto on a few occasions and each time has been very special to me because, not only is he the original Oakland Raider, he has always stood as an example of the players who gave everything on the field, played through injury and created the League that the modern day players benefit from.

I recently mentioned the idea to Mr. Otto about making a push through this site to create a logo and propose it to the NFL. He was very honored and supports it.

The NBA has Jerry West, who has become known, simply as, "The Logo", and I believe that a red, white and blue logo that has a centered, Center, in a classic Jim Otto pose would be a better representation of the NFL than a football with some stars.

Of course his number 00, "ought - oh", is perfect for the logo and who can deny that the photos of him with grass and dirt on his helmet and his broken nose pushing up against an old gladiator helmet dignify what football is all about.

Below are three links to photos that I think can be used to create the new NFL logo.

HERE  (Photo half way down the page)



From the feedback I received from Mr. Otto, hopefully we can at least get some t-shirts made up with the winning design and who knows, maybe we can get some press for a man who definitely deserves it.

Now, I just need one of you to be creative enough to design this.


- Saint