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NFL Lockout: Raiders Abstain from CBA Vote

Fantastic NFL lockout news today, Raider Nation! The owners have agreed on a new CBA. Brhynno broke the news here. All that is left now is for the players to do the same. They will probably due that on Friday. In the meantime, the owners voted unanimously, 31-0, in favor of the new deal. 31? I thought there were 32 teams. Did the new deal eliminate the Bengals?

Well, as it turns out there are still 32 teams. One team just decided to abstain from the vote, and that one team would be none other than our Oakland Raiders. Amy Trask offered up some of the why to

"We have profound philosophical differences on a number of issues -- both of a football and economic nature. We have consistently expressed our views on these matters to the league. We have consistently expressed our views on these matters to the League. We voted in the manner we believe best for football and with the courage of our convictions.”"

There has been no explanation beyond those few sentences. My guess is that the Raiders fear the new deal is far too favorable towards the big revenue teams. In 2006 the Bills and the Bengals voted against the new deal for similar reasons, and it doesn't appear that the new deal addresses those issues, and that is the possibility exists that the high revenue teams will drive up the salary cap to a point where the smaller teams can't hang.

My other guess is that there is not enough money set aside by the owners to help teams get a new stadium built.

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