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NFL Lockout: Fantastic News on the Lockout Front

There is very little that could go wrong in the NFL lockout that would keep us from having the league year beginning very soon. Unless something goes wrong, players will begin reporting to camp on either Wednesday or Friday. 

Teams will be able to sign their own players and rookies on Wednesday and then free agency would start on July 30th.  We'll have much more on this later—I'm a little busy right now—but in the meantime check out this report on ESPN.

NFL owners and players have tentatively agreed to a plan that would allow for the players' executive committee to vote on Monday to recommend accepting the CBA and recertifying as a union, a source said Saturday.

Under the plan, players would begin reporting to training camps as early as Wednesday to physically vote on whether to recertify, with the hope that it will be done by Friday at the earliest, the source said.

According to the source, progress in other talks with the owners has put the 11-member NFLPA executive board in position to vote Monday to recommend the 10-year collective bargaining agreement the owners ratified Thursday.