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NFL Free Agency: All Signings Starting on Tuesday?

The timeline that had been widely reported was that NFL free agency would not begin until Saturday, but teams would be able to start re-signing their own players on Wednesday. Shockingly, those plans may have changed. Alright, it's really not shocking at all, but the new timeline is, and if it is true then this is going to be one hell of a crazy week.

The timeline comes to us via a Drew Brees email to his teammates that was obtained by Brees says that it looks like free agency will start this Tuesday. And not just free agency, but all signings. In other words, everything is going to start at once. Re-signings, rookies, free agents, undrafted free agents, mascots, bus drivers and cheerleaders everything they are all open to be signed on Tuesday (it's really just the players).

I certainly believe Brees is reporting the facts as he has them, but I also don't think this is information is definite. And neither does Brees. Here is the last line of his email:

"I will keep you updated with the latest information.  Unfortunately, it tends to change very quickly.  Just stay prepared for anything."

At any rate, we should very soon be moving from a world of cloudy speculation to a world of refreshing definites.

If this timeline is true, it is definitely going to make things a little nuts for the Raiders. Obviously they won't have an exclusive period of time to negotiate with Zach Miller. I don't see this as that big of a deal as I am confident the Raiders are going to offer him a fair deal, and I expect him to take it.

What will be worth keeping an eye on is what date the NFL requires teams to be under the salary cap. The Raiders have some contract cleaning to take care of to get under the cap. I imagine they have these moves in mind and mapped out. Hopefully they go quickly. Free agency is going to move fast. And that may actually be a benefit to the Raiders. If they are going to make a play on Nnamdi, or for a free agent, they will no early what it is going to cost them and start tweaking their salary cap number from there.

Enough speculation though. I am just ready to get started. We'll have plenty more timeline updates headed your way.

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