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NFL Lockout: Tantalizingly Close to Being Over

We are inching ever so close to the end of the lockout. It is really just a formality now. A formality we will all be happy to have become part of the past, but still almost inevitable.

via ESPN:

The NFL Players Association executive committee has voted to accept the labor settlement with the NFL, a source said Monday.

The vote was unanimous, the source said. The deal now goes to the 32 team player representatives for approval.


"It’s unanimous," NFLPA* spokesman George Atallah said on Twitter.

It’s still not over, but there’s virtually no way at least 50 percent of the players won’t agree.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the 10 Brady class action plaintiffs also have approved of the settlement.

The deal is now taken to the 32 representatives for each team and the players will vote. The season should be underway before we know it. It sounds like teams may be able to start re-signing their own guys and rookies right away and free agents tomorrow. But we will undoubtedly have an official word on that soon.