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NFL Lockout: Signed, Sealed and Delivered, the Lockout is Over!

Raider Nation, uncross your fingers, remover your knuckles from wood, and adjust your prayers accordingly because the lockout is over. Roger Goodell made, what we had been hoping and expecting, official. Here is his quote as found on ESPN:

"It's been a long time coming. Football is back and that's great news for everybody."

Yes, Mr. Williams Jr. I am indeed ready for some football. I am past ready. But you know what? Now that it is all over, I am almost glad it happened. I am not glad that the owners and players were stupid enough to let this last so long, or that they took us for granted and manipulated us throughout, but I am glad because now we are set for an intense wave of football action like never before.

In a normal season, this time of year can drag. Sure there are few things worth noting in training camp and then to watch in the preseason, but mostly it is just biding time and hoping teams stay injury free until the season starts. This year we have all kinds of stuff to keep an eye on.

And that all starts tomorrow morning, Tuesday, at 7 a.m. PST. That is when teams can start signing anyone that is not currently under contract with another team, and trading for those that are. Teams cannot cut players until Thursday.

There'll be much more to come....