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Raiders Undrafted Free Agent Open Thread

With everything starting to happen at breakneck speeds it is going to be easy to forget about the undrafted free agents. And I know we have a few UDFA experts out there. We posted one of these open threads earlier in the lockout, but with teams able to sign these players tomorrow, this is a good time to post this again.

The new CBA calls for two big adjustments in the world of UDFAs. The first is that teams will be allowed to carry 90 players into camp. The other is that each team will be able to spend no more than $75,000 on undrafted free agents. This will effect the front line guys, who have received as much as a $20,000 signing bonus in the past.

If you are curious as to who is out there, check out SBNation's Mocking the Draft for the top UDFA's at each position. There you have it. Who do you want to see in the Raiders' camp?