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Oakland Raiders 2011 Undrafted Free Agent Signings (Unofficial)

Alright, I think we know which undrafted free agents the Oakland Raiders have added to their 2011 roster. Not surprisingly, the Raiders have not made these signings official, and I am sure they won't make it official until they have to. That is just the way they roll. And that is just fine with me.

The Raiders have had decent success with undrafted rookies. So I am willing to give them their due and say that the guys they signed have some potential. And I am going to have to, because I am in no position to offer any great insight on any of these guys. If you got any info on any of these guys let it flow in the comments.

Only a handful of undrafted guys from around the league ever stick to a roster. Let's hope at least one of these guys does.

North Carolina Offensive lineman: Alan Pelc 

Penn State Offensive Lineman: Lou Eliades 

Iowa State Offensive Lineman Ben Iamaak

Auburn Safety: Zac Etheridge

Penn State Linebacker: Ben Gbadyu

Baylor Linebacker: Chris Francis

Illinois Quarterback/Wide Receiver: Eddie McGee

California Pa. Wide Receiver: Derrick Jones

Nebraska-Kearney Defensive End:  Mason Brodine

St. Mary's cornerback: Sterling Moore