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Oakland Raiders: 2011 NFL Free Agent Dashon Goldson Negotiating with the Raiders

The Oakland Raiders didn't limit their 2011 NFL free agent negotiations to just OT Jared Gaither. They also were widely reported to be bidding for the services of San Francisco 49ers free safety Dashon Goldson. While Goldson has not received as much buzz on the free agent market as Michael Huff he would be a huge upgrade. 

Goldson is has 174 tackles, three quarterback sacks, three forced fumbles and five interceptions as a starter the past two seasons. It is not in stats where you can see the difference though. Goldson has better range and instincts at free safety than Huff. And in a single high system this is huge. Here is a quick and solid scouting report from

Young, tremendous range and IQ. Played for off-the-radar 49er's, and they are dying to keep him. Isn't mentioned as best safety, not even in the top tier but I think he is the best available.

Just like Gaither, this another signing I will be doing backflips over. However, I am a little skeptical they can get this done. San Francisco most definitely wants Goldson back. And the two are said to be locked in a bidding war. Unfortunately for the Raiders, Goldson seems happy in San Francsico. In an interview with SportsRadio 95.7 FM with Scott Jackson and Dan Dibley in late June Goldson said the typical free agent talk of wanting to return to SF and being excited to meet Harbaugh etc.. Jump over for more....


If the Raiders are negotiating with Goldson, Goldson himself is not letting on. I did find this little tidbit from Tuesday evening on

I talked to Goldson and he said the 49ers told him they wanted him back, but have not responded with a contract offer to his liking. Goldson said other teams are pursuing him.

One of the suitors was rumored to be the Raiders, but Goldson said he hadn't heard from them. "I ran into (Raiders coach) Hue Jackson at the ESPY's," Goldson said. Jackson said he expressed interest, but Goldson wasn't sure how sincere he was.
Goldson is obviously going to play up the interest in him, and obviously he is not going to say he is happy with the contract offer yet since he hasn't signed it. And he would have no reason to identify specific teams, but it kind of seems like he was being forthright.

So who knows? I don't. All I know is that chances are we will know his future home shortly.