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Oakland Raiders Sign UDRFA Jordan La Secla, QB, San Jose St

I have to send a shout out to our own Screwfish, who had this to say and he wrote it while in lecture hall!

Jordan La Secla (QB, San Jose State)

We didn't get my boy Josh Portis (he's headed to Seattle) but La Secla is a pretty good option. He's struggled with lousy receivers at San Jose State, but he has a strong arm and can extend plays in the pocket. He's also apparently very good at selling ball fakes, useful for an offense like ours which runs a lot of play-action. Wouldn't mind seeing him as our third QB come the regular season.

I could not agree more. Jordan is an overachiever who tried, but, could not singlehandedly make Spartan Football relevant again. It has been a while since Mike Perez, Johnny Johnson and Stefan Guthrie were tearing up the opposition. They were followed by Jeff Garcia and Company...And that was it.

Under La Secla the Spartans went from having the worst statistical offense in the NCAA when the season began to becoming respectable and even great, at times, as La Secla threw for 361 yards and three TD's with no picks in one game and went over 450 with 5 TD's in another (Three picks in that one). he did all of this with, as SF pointed out, a receiving corp that would have a difficult time getting open against O'Dowd!

He has good size at 6' 3, 214 and definitely has an arm. I wonder if he will be another under the radar Raider that was found by Al Davis? We shall see.

So, Raider Nation, join me in welcoming our newest clipboard carrier, Jordan La Secla!