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Robert Gallery Leaves The Oakland Raiders, Bruce Gradkowski Next:

John Clayton via Twitter - Now that Robert Gallery has signed with the Seahawks, they will work today on re-signing DT Brandon Mebane

It was apparent from the moment that Cable was hired and then subsequently hired by Seattle that Robert Gallery would be joining him.

I have some fond memories of our former First Round Draft Pick.

I remember seeing him on the first day that he arrived in Oakland. My son and I went to the Airport Hilton to pick up a friend from the airport and also do my old Podcast with Fooch of Niners Nation. When we parked I saw this huge young man in 1980's style weight lifter's pants and a huge mane of hair . I realized right away that he was Robert Gallery and that I'd picked the best day possible to show up at the Hilton.

The next time that I saw him, it was a few years later and he was pulling into the parking lot with three made up women and his glow definitely eclipsed his performance on the field at that point which was pretty dismal.

Regardless of his performance, I always rooted for him and he turned out to be a great guard when he was healthy.

So, good-bye "Undertaker", you will like the Pacific Northwest. Just be sure to false start a few times the first time that you line up against the Silver and Black.


Now, it looks like the man who led us to our most exciting victory of the last 8 years, Bruce Gradkowski, is negotiating with the Bengals.

Adam Schefter
On day Mike Brown insisted he will not trade Carson Palmer, Bengals continued contract discussions with former Raiders QB Bruce Gradkowski.

That would be a great fit for Bruce Almighty as it gets him closer to his home in Pittsburgh and will provide him with a couple of chances a year to play the Steelers.

Of course, this also means that SonsofBlanda will be late to tailgates while because he will be waiting to get a chance sighting of Bruce in an early game!