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2011 NFL Free Agency: Oakland Raiders Interested in Antonio Cromartie

The Oakland Raiders must figure turnabout is fair play in free agency. With the New York Jets trying to lure Nnamdi Asomugha in with a big contract the Raiders have turned their eyes to the Jets roster. There are rumblings that the Raiders are interested in the Jets free agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

This comes to us via Jason LaCanfora's Twitter:

Hearing rumblings the Raiders could be suitors for Antonio Cromartie. Corner market is very interesting.

I am pretty sure I know what the Raiders would have to do to sign Cromartie: offer him the biggest contract. Cromartie offered up this quote about a week ago:

"I would love to be a Jet at the end of the day. But I also want to go out and see what the market is and see what my value is. At the end of the day, to me there is no such thing as no hometown discount. I'm not giving anybody no hometown discount."

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In that same interview Cromartie listed the Texans, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Cardinals, Cowboys and the Raiders as possible teams he thought would be interested in. 

Cromartie has the skills the Raiders covet. He is 6’2″, 210 pounds, runs a 4.3 40, and has exceptionally long arms. He is perfect for bump and run man coverage. However, he is a horrible tackler, can be inconsistent, and is a little funny in the cranium.

My excitement over this move would be dependent upon how much they signed him for, and who his signing precluded the Raiders from getting. I would much rather have Jared Gaither or Dashon Goldson added to the roster than Cromartie.

Also, if the Raiders do sign him it better be for far less than what Nnam ends up getting! Like 70 percent or less of Nnam's value. Otherwise give me Nnam 100 times out of 100.

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