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Oakland Raiders Free Agents: Tracking the 7/28 Rumors for the Raiders Free Agents and Targets

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The Oakland Raiders free agency buzz was a little slower on Wednesday. At least for the players they are targeting. It picked up for some of the players already on the roster. And it picked up to the point that some of those guys are gone. Still the Raiders have not yet lost out on anyone they wanted to keep or anyone that we know they have been talking to.

I expect there to be more action today, and I am guessing Friday is going to be absolutely bazonkers—yeah that's right. I just made up a new word, but Friday is going to deserve it. Anyway, I don't have much to do today, except keep an eye on the wire and write about the Raiders. Score for me! I'll be updating this post and adding new ones as the day goes on. After I get my ass out of bed that is. I am delay posting this. So, you are actually in the future right now. How does that feel? Jump over for the booty....

*Update: LB Thomas Howard signs with the Bengals

Raiders Free Agent Targets

There is no new information since I posted on any of the Raiders free agent targets. Click the links to get the scoop on what we have so far if you missed them.

The Raiders are reportedly interested in CB Antonio Cromartie.

The Raiders are negotiating with FS Dashon Goldson

The Raiders are negotiating with Jared Gaither

Raiders Re-Signings

The Raiders have re-signed two players. Both are considered minor signing, but I am happy for both. Especially, the easy to overlook Jon Condo. Click the links for more details.

LS Jon Condo

DE Jarvis Moss

The Nnamdi Asomugha Sweepstakes

The rumors and buzz are definitely picking up on Nnam. So much so, that I felt it was worthy of it's own post. You can find that sexy beast right here. 

I will say that the main bidders for Nnam's services appear to be the Jets, 49ers and Texans.

Zach Miller

It is still oddly quiet on the Zach Miller front. I don't get it. Hue Jackson talked about it yesterday from his first post lockout presser:

Jerry McDonald on

Jackson also said he spoke to unrestricted free-agent tight end Zach Miller, and one of Miller's teammates said, "He wants to come back. He just wants a fair offer."

The Raiders always give fair deals to players they want, and Zach Miller doesn't strike me as a person that would have an unrealistic view of fair. My guess is this signing is announced on Friday. 

The only other tidbit I've seen on Miller is that the Cardinals aren't going to go after him:

Kent Somers on

With rookie Rob Housler and Jim Dray, a second-year player, at tight end the Cardinals needed some experience, and some blocking, at the position. I don't know if King's acquisition rules out pursuing Todd Heap or Zach Miller, but it seems so.

Michael Huff

The biggest suitor for Michael Huff appeared to be the Jacksonville Jaguars,

Safeties Dawan Landry and Michael Huff could be more likely for Jaguars than Eric Weddle |
While Eric Weddle's has been a hot name at safety this summer, it the two names we're hearing to be more likely for Jacksonville are Oakland safety Michael Huff and Baltimore safety Dawan Landry.

but the Jags may be leaning more towards Dawan Landry.

Twitter / @JasonLaCanfora: With S Eric Weddle staying ...
With S Eric Weddle staying in San Diego, I see Dawan Landry in Jacksonville, a move I've long talked about. Jags shopping for safeties

That leaves us with the Cowboys, who have been surprisingly quiet on this front.

Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas
The Cowboys’ interest in ex-Raider Michael Huff, an Irving Nimitz and Texas product, isn’t clear. However, Huff is likely to receive a contract in the Weddle/Mikell range, and it doesn’t sound as if the Cowboys intend to make that type of investment in a safety.

Eric Weddle just signed a record contract with the Chargers. Good luck to the team that signs Huff to that. I don't think that is going to happen. My money is on Huff ending up with the Cowboys.

Although at least one of Huff's teammates thinks he might be back.

Jerry McDonald on

One player who had been in contact with Michael Huff thought the starting free safety might return, although there were rumors of the Raiders having interest in 49ers free safety Dashon Goldson.


Please let it be Goldson!

Langston Walker

Reports of Langston Walker's retirement were greatly exaggerated.

Vittorio Tafur on the San Francisco Chronicle

Langston Walker was vacationing in South Africa when friends back home let him in on a little secret. He was retired.

"I don't know how those things get started," said the 31-year-old right tackle, who started 15 games for the Raiders last season. "I am definitely out there. I am getting some calls and waiting to figure out what I am going to do until Friday."

How many teams are interested in the 6-foot-8, 360-pound lineman's services?

"I'm not going to tell you that," Walker said. "Let's just say it's a number I am happy with."

Cooper Carlisle

Carlisle is not a free agent. Many of us just expected he soon would be. That aforementioned "many of us" does not include Carlisle.

Jerry McDonald on

Starting right guard Cooper Carlisle reported to camp and expects to compete for a starting job.

The Raiders are smart to hold onto. Hopefully they are trying to upgrade, and can cut him later, but at least he is an insurance policy with experience. If the Raiders sign Gaither, I'd like them to re-sign Walker and have Walker take Carlisle spot.

Mario Henderson

I haven't seen any rumblings on Henderson.

Former Raiders

Bruce Gradkowski is now a Bengal. Good luck, Grad!

Robert Gallery is now a Seahawk. Living in the Seattle area, I am super excited to hear fans say, "when Gallery gets healthy."