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Vince Young: Young Released, Are the Oakland Raiders His Next Destination?

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Vince Young has been released today. This is a move that should catch no one by surprise. It has been assumed that Young is going to be cut the first chance the Titans had, and today is the first chance teams have to cut players. So it is time to start speculating on his possible destinations. And guess which team is already getting speculatively connected to Young? That's right, the Miami Dolphins. What? You thought I was going to say the Oakland Raiders? I'll get to that. But first the fish.

Chris Mortenson of ESPN had reported that the Dolphins and Eagles having done a lot of work on him. Other than that, there really are no rumors of any substance connecting teams to Vince Young. It is all just speculation. Jump over for the Young meat and potatoes....

Omar Kelly covers the Dolphins for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. And even he wrote that he wasn't sure where the Dolphins stood, and felt he could be headed elsewhere. Kelly  tweeted:

Watch out for Oakland, Seattle and Washington when Vince Young gets cut today. Don't know where Dolphins stand on him.

I imagine the destinations are pure speculation on Kelly's part. And for the Raiders, on the surface, it makes sense. They need another QB on the roster. They could use someone as a possible long term solution, and Al Davis was widely reported to like Young coming out of college.

I don't see this move happening though. Davis' days of taking on players that have the kind of off the field demons that Young has exhibited are in the past. We can all thank JaMarcus Russell for that.

Maybe if Young could prove that he is ready to focus on football this move would happen, but if that is the case there will be plenty of teams interested. It's too bad. I think if Young was dedicated, he could be a great fit here. The dimension he would bring to an already dynamic running game could buckle defenses. Also, Young throws a damn nice deep ball. In fact, in 2010 Pro Football Focus charted him for having the best percentage on deep passes (they ruled a deep pass as any ball traveling over 20 yards down field in the air).

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