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Get Your Oakland Raider Video ON:

Recently I found some freeware that allows me to take videos that I shoot, download, edit and upload pretty quickly. So, that means that there will be much more video content on this site. Where I go, so will you.

Whether that is discussing the draft with Jim Otto or bbq'ing in the parking lot, Silver and Black Pride will be there.

This whole concept has me thinking that I'd like to see your videos too and I think that others in our Community would also like to see your Raider/Raider Fan/Tailgating/BBQ'in videos.

I have played with this over at Sportsbarnation (Sample Here), and I think that this community will provide some awesome content. We may even be able to get some sponsorship behind it. I am thinking like a keg of Red Hook for a tailgate or maybe a free Flip for an awesome video.

Anyway, here is the editor and the tutorial:



If you follow the tutorial, you will be as up to speed as me and I can cut videos, upload and download. I know, pretty advanced eh?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you produce.