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Nnamdi Asomugha: The Houston Texans Are Clearing Room for Nnamdi

Nnamdi Asomugha is still an Oakland Raider. I don't know for how much longer, but while he is I figure our fine Raiders blog should be the home for his news and updates. So while we have the supremely ultimate and super awesome up to the minute Asomugha thread going, it is getting pushed down the page and people may be missing it. Check it out if you haven't. In the meantime, know this: The Texans are the current leader in the clubhouse, and they may have just priced the Raiders and everyone else out of that clubhouse.

So jump over for the latest news and some sweet highlights, and/or check the Nnam update thread....

Nnamdi Asomugha is enviable position. He is the hot item at the auction. A new price is named and a new hand goes up. Right now it appears that the Texans have the highest bid on the table. They have reworked some deals, and the latest reported offer stands in the $12-14 million range.

Michael Lombardi via Twitter

"Hearing Houston has moved into the lead for Nnamdi Asomugha—money will be in the 12-14 mill per year range...Revis makes 11.5 per year."

Paul Kuharsky, on Twitter, pointed out that Houston has no state Income tax, which makes any offer they propose a little sweeter.

John McLain via Twitter:

Texans intensified efforts for Asomugha once they realized they could redo contracts 2 free enough cap space.

Meanwhile, the 49ers have put themselves in a position to make a huge offer to Nnamdi if they choose.

The NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora via Twitter:

"On Clements, to clarify, 49ers save $7.25M cash (base salary) and $15M in cap space. But I'd be surprised at this point if they get Nnamdi."

At this point, if the Raiders can't have Nnam, I am pulling for the Niners. Not because I care about the Niners, but because it would probably prevent them from re-signing Dashon Goldson, and that would likely mean Goldson would be a Raider. Saint thinks Nnam to the Niners is as good as done.

Ultimate Nnamdi Asomugha Highlights (via TheVikingsworld2)