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2011 Oakland Raiders Free Agents: Cooper Carlisle and Chris Johnson are Still Raiders...For Now

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For a moment Cooper Carlisle and Chris Johnson were thought to be newly found 2011 free agents, but the fact that they were at the Oakland Raiders practice was a dead giveaway that they were not all that free. Turns out the reports were erroneous.

That certainly doesn't mean these guys are guaranteed roster spots. It could be the Raiders are waiting to see how free agency plays out. Or it could be they plan on keeping these guys.

The fact that Carlisle was rumored to have been cut was no surprise. When people talked about the Raiders making cuts the first name that came up was Cooper Carlisle. Chris Johnson, on the other hand, was a little more surprising. The Raiders would be severely short on experience at corner if they cut Chris Johnson.

If Johnson is cut, it is almost guaranteed that the Raiders are adding a corner in free agency.