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Oakland Raiders' Bruce Campbell Failed His Physical and May Not Switch to Tackle

The Oakland Raiders' Bruce Campbell has failed his physical. Jerry McDonald tweeted the news following the Raiders training camp practice on Thursday. He went onto say that Campbell was likely headed for the non-football injury list. Vittorio Tafur reported that Hue Jackson said Campbell was likely headed to the physically-unable-to-perform list, which is no big deal. He can be taken off the list whenever the Raiders want him back on the practice field.

The news is definitely surprising. And the injury must have happened recently. It was just a little over a week ago when Bruce Campbell was on Eyes Radio with Chuck Carrol and Jay Richardson and said he felt good. Campbell:

"I actually feel good. I’m anxious to get back on the field just to see if I’ve prepared myself right. Everything has been so long to get to a new CBA or whatever . . . I don’t know with my training, if I equipped myself enough to prepare for such a long lockout, but I’m anxious to see."

I feel good; you know, other than this injury I have that keeps me from moving. Who knows what is going on. I do know this is a horrible start to the season for Campbell who needs all of the practice time he can get. Campbell had also told Eyes Radio that he said he was going be switching to tackle.

However, Jerry McDonald also tweeted:

OL Bruce Campbell says he hasn't heard what position he'll be playing. Played some T at Atlanta camp. Will play anywhere. Prefers OT


Who knows what is going on. You know what I do know? Jared Gaither, please!