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Oakland Raiders Training Camp Recap and Pictures 7/28


The Oakland Raiders training camp has already cranked up to full speed. And apparently full speed is too much for Darrius Heyward-Bey and Bruce Campbell. Both players had to sit  out Thursday's practice with various undisclosed injuries. Great start for those two. Jump over for better news and some great pics via the Raiders Twitter page....


The Raiders are intent on training there guys in all kinds of ways. Also, apparently the south has Rolando McClain used to some intense heat. I think I might've had my sweatshirt off for this one.


I've never seen this next work out:


John Henderson took some time hitting the heavy bag, and he ended up hitting the showers next. Henderson limped off the field early. The injury is not expected to be serious, and was somewhat expected.


Henderson wasn't the only one taking a turn on the heavy bag.


Richard Seymour pretended like the heavy bag was Ben Roethlisberger. That wasn't all Seymour was hitting. 

Rookie Taiwan Jones via Twitter:

"Took a good hit by big Seymour, made a few mistakes but the good thing about camp is there's 2mrw. We getting better play by play."

Of course it was non-contact and the players weren't in pad, but Big Rich had to welcome the rook somehow. Hue Jackson reportedly was cheering Seymour on when gave the rookie a little jolt.


I have no idea what Hue is saying to Campbell here, but it was probably a little constructive criticism. Vittorio Tafur reported that Campbell was not sharp on Thursday.

By everyone's account, Tommy Kelly came into camp in great shape.


He looks like it, too. He was one of the players I was most worried about letting the lockout go to his waist. Great job by Kelly he really has turned his career around.

Here is a sight we can probably get used to:


Wisnieski blocking for the Raiders QB. Let's just hope he was doing it the right way because his uncle looks like he could still kick some ass.



This is one of the best sights of camp:


Or maybe it is the worst. Get off you feet, Chaz! You might break something.

Stanford Route reportedly got toasted a couple of times, and once by Jacoby Ford, but he looks to be in great shape on this play.


Tyvon Branch got a lot of run at free safety


Jerry McDonald tweeted that Hue Jackson said he could play there. To which I say, "Nooooooooooooooo!"

There is a new presence at the Raiders practices this year: Al Saunders.



And Saunders was reported to be all over the field running, yelling and just generally going nuts. All in all, the practice was reported to have great pace. Much faster than last year's Camp Cable. Hue Jackson is cranking up the intensity level on these guys.

The highlight of practice may have been this:


The sprints. There are global track meets that don't line up field with this much speed.