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Nnamdi Asomugha: Can the Cowboys Stop the Jets From Landing Asomugha?

The reports are flowing in that Nnamdi Asomugha is close to becoming a New York Jet. Last time I checked though we weren't talking about horseshoes or hand grenades—so close is not going to cut it. There is still time for any team to swoop in and land Asomugha.'s  Michael Lombardi reports that the 49ers have pulled out, but the Cowboys are in the fold.

"Just updated the Nnamdi situation... Right now, Dallas and Jets, Ryan brothers are battling. Stay tuned."

Lombardi also added a little insight on the Cowboys secret weapon in recruiting:

"Both Jets and Cowboys can recruit, as someone once told me about Jerry Jones as a recruiter--"he could talk a cat off a fish truck" true"

Despite the Cowboys involvement it appears the Jets still have the inside track. Adam Schefter said in a radio interview the the Jets had an 80 percent chance to land Nnam. Jump over for more details....

Rich Cimini who works for tweeted:

Got a feeling that Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum are going to be high-fiving each other real soon.

And what happened to the 49ers? It appears they have bowed out. Michael Lombardi tweeted it, and no one appears to be refuting that fact—which sucks. The 49ers landing Nnam would have made it much easier for the Raiders to sign FS Dashon Goldson away from the 49ers. 

This comes to us from our blog across the bay, Niners Nation:

As it currently stands, odds would appear to be long that Nnamdi will end up in San Francisco in 2011. If he does great, but it's probably best to move past least until the next rumor changes my tune. One sign to look for that they are in fact out is if they get a deal done with Dashon Goldson or another moderately priced free agent that might remove a decent amount of the team's current cap space