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Nnamdi Asomugha: Nnamdi and the New York Jets May Be as Good as Done

I think Nnamdi Asomugha is very close to being a member of the New York Jets. I imagine they are just hammering out the last few minor details, and have closed off the negotiations to other teams. At least that is what the most recent reports of player movement would seem to indicate.

*Update: I apparently have no idea what I am talking about. Nnamdi went to the Eagles.

By all appearances, the negotiations had come down to a battle of the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets. We here in Raider land have hoped that Al Davis was a silent entity in all of this, but I think we might be able to dismiss of that notion now. I interpreted this tweet from Adam Schefter: 

"Less money for Nnamdi: Cowboys reached agreement with Marcus Spears on a 5-year, $19.2 million deal."

as the Cowboys waving the white flag. They are going the wrong way in salary cap space. Meanwhile the Jets continue to shove things around for Nnamdi's giant cap figure.'s Michael Lombardi via Twitter:

"I am told that the Jets have redone the contracts of B Scott, LT, C Pace, Brandone Moore as well as Brunnell to set the stage for Asomugha."

Sure, the Jets may have been planning on doing this to add other free agents, but the timing is just too coincidental to ignore. I think Nnamdi is headed to the Big Apple.