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2011 Oakland Raiders Free Agents: Jared Gaither Has Not Agreed to Terms

Well, this sucks. Apparently Jared Gaither is not yet the newest member of the Oakland Raiders 2011 free agents class. The man who broke the news, Vittorio Tafur, just tweeted that Hue Jackson has said Gaither is just visiting. Today was the first day that free agents were allowed to visit teams.

Earlier Drew Rosenhaus had cast doubt on the deal when he said flat out on Twitter that Jared Gaither has not agreed to terms on a contract. However, AP writer Josh Dubow said the team had announced the deal.

So, I apologize for raising everyone's hopes with the previous posts announcing the deal. Hopefully this visit by Gaither is the final step before a deal is inked. There certainly is a high probability of that. He isn't going to waste a trip out here if things weren't serious. Also, put this guy in a room alone with Hue Jackson and Al Davis, and I feel pretty good that Gaither may strain his back while trying to rush to sign a contract.

Debbie Downer Noise (via lilwhodyson)