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Oakland Raiders' Kamerion Wimbley Expects Long Term Deal Soon

The Oakland Raiders are currently negotiating a long term deal with Kamerion Wimbley. This should be no surprise to anyone. Wimbley is currently under the franchise tag, and with that tag he is set to make just over $11 million. That is way too much for Wimbley. Vittorio Tafur tweeted the following:

Wimbley says restructuring of deal should be done in next couple of days, freeing up cap space.

Depending on how the Raiders structure his new deal they could take off over $10 million from their salary cap number. And even without that, it will be good to get Wimbley off the franchise tag and onto a long term deal. Wimbley is just 27, and he has no injury concerns. 

Even if Wimbley does not step up his play as an overall linebacker, he showed he has great value putting his hand in the dirt and rushing the passer. The Raiders did have him inked to a long term deal before putting him on the franchise tag, but it was disallowed by the league due to an odd rule regarding percentage of raise.