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4th of July Open Thread

Here's to wishing you a very freedom filled 4th of July! How are you planning on celebrating it? I think I am going to start off with some good ol' tar and feathering. You know, not on real people though, just Englishmen and IRS agents. I'm joking. I would never do that, but if I do run across an English IRS agent, he better hope the tar and feathering store is far away.

Other than that my plans are pretty loose. I plan on cooking some meat over a fire; blowing some stuff up, and then watching other people blow stuff up. Of course, I will have my son by my side. It is important to teach good values at a young age. And by values, I mean how to avoid blowing off one's fingers with explosives. All in all, I am confident that it is going to be a fantastic fourth.

So, if you have time to kill while your food is cooking, or your explosives are lighting, feel free to share your plans—or anything else that crosses your mind.