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Zach Miller And The Miami Dolphins?

This from John Clayton's Twitter:

John Clayton

Dolphins have cap room for TE Zach Miller. Raiders don't have room at moment but will try to re-sign him. They can get it done.

Can Mr. Clayton be any less clear? Dolphins have money, Raiders don't, bot want him. Someone can get it done.

Once again the Zach Miller situation is getting murkier and murkier. This is some serious swamp water or swamp land that someone is trying to sling or sell. Let's just hope that Mr. Davis finds a way to get this done.

I have to believe that the ONLY reason he hasn't signed with anyone yet is because he is giving Oakland a chance to clear some space for him. We all know what Miller means to our O-line and our passing game and losing him would be a serious blow to our offense.

Be sure to stay tuned as we hope to clue you all in when the sediment turns to sentiment and Zach Miler signs.