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2011 Oakland Raiders Free Agents: Trent Edwards is the Newest Raider

Trent Edwards is the first member of the Oakland Raiders free agents class that hasn't come via re-signing. Edwards is the former Bills starting quarterback, and beard grower extraordinaire. Edwards is just 27, and once was considered to have a promising future.

In just his second season he started 14 games and posted a QB rating of 85.4. His stats have steadily declined since then, and last year the Bills cut ties with Edwards and cut him.

The Raiders only had two QBs on their roster and now they have three. While I don't hold much hope of Edwards resurrecting his career he is a solid addition to battle for the No. 2 spot. While it would be nice to have a young QB that the Raiders are grooming for the future, it is a definite luxury for the present to have three QBs with starting experience on the roster, and given the recent news that the starting right tackle may be Khalif Barnes, the Raiders are going to need them.