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Highlights of the Newest Oakland Raiders QB Trent Edwards

Once upon a time, there was a quarterback named Trent Edwards, and was one of the brightest prospects in all of football. And this was applicable in many ways. Edwards was way ahead of schedule on the football field and the Stanford graduate could dissect the game with superior speed that his vast intellect allowed. Then something happened, and the dimmer switch slid down on the brightness shining from Edwards.

He began to get concussions. And with the blows to the head, his passes began to be strewn errant across the field and into the arms of overjoyed defenders. This led to the Bills dispatching of their once bearded prodigal son. Edwards sat dimmed on the sidelines of employment until the Jaguars put his diminished skill back to use. The Jaguars were not impressed enough to keep him. And so this head case—a different kind than we're used to—has made his way to the pirate ship.

What am I trying to say? I have no idea. But I do know that maybe, somehow, someway the man the Raiders just signed can remember he was once this guy: