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2011 Oakland Raiders Free Agency: Antonio Cromartie is Still a Possibility

Yesterday I was starting to get a little nervous about the Oakland Raiders 2011 NFL free agency campaign. Gaither was out and Khalif Barnes was re-signed, and there weren't any rumors of them pursuing anyone in free agency. On top of that I saw a couple of reports on Antonio Cromartie and the Raiders were no longer mentioned as suitors.

My worry was that the Raiders were having a hard time of finding ways to get far enough under the cap to sign guys. I feel much better today. The Raiders started the day off by re-signing Huff and then there is this report by Jason LaCanfora on

The Raiders and Jets continue to negotiate with CB Antonio Cromartie, according to a league source.

A third team could be involved as well, but the Jets and Raiders have displayed the most interest.

It is not that I think Anotonio Cromartie is going to be a huge difference maker. In fact, I would be shocked if the Jets let him get away at this point. What makes me smile about this move is that the Raiders are still trying. They are still out there looking for ways to improve and they are relegated to bargain basement shopping.