Roster Ramblings

Well, here we are. Still waiting on that damn CBA. There have supposedly been some very good signs about the impending end to this Lock Out. I certainly hope so because, as we here at Silver and Black Pride are well aware of, the Raiders are in a very precarious spot. We have too many holes in our line up, and not enough money to fill them. I gotta say though, I am less worried about it than maybe I should be. It really is just that Al Davis is too good at moving around money for us not to be able to sign everybody we need to. Might just be ignorant in that thought process but I sure hope not.

The information on Michael Bush possibly being a RFA is very good news to us. It makes sense that he would only have 3 seasons that he was active during so the rules for 4 year Free Agents should not apply. I really hope that is the case because I honestly think that might be the only way we can retain his services. The other part about Bush possibly being a RFA is that I truly believe that it might help him get the pay day he deserves. Its not like people do not already know what he is capable of, but one more year of proving just that is certain to help show the world who he is. Jump over....

As Raider fans, we already know just how valuable of a commodity Micheal is, and I believe Bush knows how much we love him. The thing that will be too much for him to resist, besides the big pay day, is the fact that some other team out there just might have a featured back role for him. However, there are not many of those places left in the NFL anymore, being as most teams have learned that having a two or more back system seems to work better. It limits the hits that your most important back is forced to take, thus increasing the length of their career. If Mike is going to be in a 2 back system anyway, I believe he would rather it be in Oakland.

Now for the obligatory Nnamdi reference. The biggest thing about keeping him around is being able to pay him a fair value. That is going to be very tough to do without a home town discount or a massively back end loaded contract. I will leave that to Al to figure out, because as I mentioned before, he is a wizard at finding the money somewhere. Aso is happy here and Oakland is a much better place because of him.

The Asome1 has his charity that he is knee deep in keeping organized here. That is going to mean an awful lot to him, especially considering that he already has done so much that he was a finalist for the Walter Payton Athlete of the Year award because of it. We can not stress the importance of his charity enough. Also, the fact that the 49ers struck out the last time they went after the biggest corner on the market (N. Clements) makes it highly unlikely that they would make another big splash for Nnamdi. That probably eliminates our biggest rival in retaining his services, considering he would still be in the Bay area for his charity work if the Niners were interested in signing him.

Zach Miller will always be a Raider. He is the numero uno priority in my mind for as soon as the CBA is reached. Lock him down before he even looks at another team. I don't want to have Beyonce's You should have put a ring on it chorus playing in my head every time I see Zach catch a touchdown for somebody else. We need to get him to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible. We all know that, and that includes Al Davis and Zach Miller. Keep him a part of the Silver and Black until he hangs up his cleats. Period.

The Offensive line could use a free agent veteran and I am all for signing a free agent veteran WR. If we can only sign one outside free agent it is going to be a tough choice on what position to shore up. I would want a RT to come in more than anything. Right side because I have the utmost respect and faith in Veldheer as a Franchise LT. I am ok with us neglecting to do that though if it means we get in on signing one of the big free agent WRs available. Sydney Rice and Santonio Holmes are the two that immediately pop into my head.

However, once again, to sign anybody it goes back to Al needing to be able to make his magic happen with the moola that we have to work with. What we really need to hope for is that this next year still goes without a cap. It really would be the fairest way to do it since everybody will be in such a rush mode to be ready for the season. With no Cap for one more year it would seriously increase our chances to sign a big name to come help us win a championship. Can you imagine Holmes on one side and Ford on the other? Goosebumps. I hope everybody had a great fourth of July and lets all keep our fingers crossed that the NFL gives Al Davis a belated birthday present: A New CBA!